DIY Kitchen Countertop Overhaul; Three Options Under $100

I want granite, concrete, or carrera marble countertops in my kitchen like every other princess, but I’m not getting them. Instead, I’ve scoured the internet for every DIY option out there to cover my white Formica countertops from 1969 baby!! I’m done with the fun and tantalizing research and have narrowed results to three options.

I love stainless steel. If it weren’t so heavy, I’d probably paint my car in the stuff. Oh the shine! That’s option 1: brushed stainless steel countertops with a bright green painted backsplash. Cons: my entire efficiency kitchen (think compact) is full of stainless appliances including my range, refrigerator, dishwasher, hood vent, and microwave. Add cabinet hardware to the mix and I’m thinking bling overkill! However, stainless portrays modern and can be a versatile design option. The product is also real liquid steel versus an imitation surface product.

My second option is something called liquid granite where granite-like layers are painted over existing countertops essentially taking on the look of fake granite Formica. That sounds horrible, but the finished product looks decent and it adds a little dose of color to the kitchen. The liquid granite countertop product easily hides imperfections and is available in a variety of color schemes. Cons: It’s fake granite. I wouldn’t buy fake Prada, so simulating stone seems a bit funky.

swatches-charcoalMy third option is Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating (not Countertop Transformations; that product is far more expensive) in a solid color such as putty or gray mist. The product is rolled onto the surface of existing countertops without a ton of prep work. From what I’ve seen, the end result is similar to gaining a new Formica countertop. The coverage appears consistent, even, and has a nice sheen. For a color change or simple countertop resurfacing, this is the best option. Cons: boring, have seen other DIYers end up with roller marks.

Oh boy, what shall a girl do? I’m heavily leaning towards the bling effect, but want to hear what others have done…please share your experiences and thanks in advance!



3 comments on “DIY Kitchen Countertop Overhaul; Three Options Under $100

  1. There is a 2nd’s Granite store in Sacramento, My sister says its extremely inexpensive. I can get the address if your interested. The measurements have to be perfect.

  2. Ms. Hilkovsky says:

    Please do send me the details for acquiring this overhaul for only one hundred bucks!! wow baby You definitely have one on me !!!77

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